Accelerating the Transition to 2024 Thailand’s New Era of Low Carbon Cement

The joint meeting of Thai Cement Manufacturers Association (TCMA)among Working Group TCMA-Wisdom led by Khun Krit Chinprasartsak, Working Group TCMA on Sustainability led by Dr. Wonchalerm Chalodhorn and Working Group TCMA-Product Standard led by Khun Prasert Manitayakool with coordination of TCMA Office led by Khun Phattharawan Sukkantharak, Executive Director have been organized to accelerate the transition to 2024 Thailand’s new era of low carbon cement.

‘MISSION 2023’ The joint collaboration on climate change in industrial processes and product use (IPPU) sector among 31 organizations from government, professional, industry and academic with 6 ministries support aimed to accelerate the transition all construction projects to ‘Hydraulic Cement’, a low carbon cement, which will contribute to carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reduction.